Contents of the wardrobe

For the teacher 

The task can be targeted at beginners, in which case the condition of the clothing and any alterations to it are evaluated, taking the students’ skill level into account. Clothing industry students must be able to examine clothes from the perspectives of their knowledge of materials and the structures and timelessness of clothing. What quality is; material, manufacturing method, timelessness, combinability. Repair; durability, viability, alterability (e.g. replacing buttons, shortening the hem). You should photograph the products before and after. 

Contents of the wardrobe

Study the content of your own wardrobe. What do you see? Consider whether you have unnecessary clothes that you are willing to let go of. Are there any damaged pieces of clothing you can repair? How can you recycle the clothing that you no longer use?

  • Choose three items of clothing from your wardrobe:
    • a high-quality item you use
      • Explain what makes it high quality. 
    • a damaged item of clothing in need of repair
      • Consider how it can be repaired and used again. 
    • an item of clothing that you can utilise as material for another product
      • Design a new product or item of clothing from an old item of clothing. 

Prepare a presentation of the clothing, your choices and the alterations to the clothing. Include photos and explain the reasons for your choices and the alterations.