Treating the surface of materials

The useful life of a textile product can be lengthened by patterning the product’s surface with various methods. A textile product can be dyed again, giving additional years to a faded yet durable fabric. The attractiveness of a textile product can be increased by printing patterns onto the fabric’s surface, laser cutting it to resemble lace, embroidering or appliqueing it or using raised embroidery to decorate the surface with various patterns and texts. The manufacturer can leave their own unique mark on the product by treating the surface of the recycled textile with various patterning methods. This allows the product to stand out to its advantage from among other products on sale.

Various ways to treat the surface of materials: 

  • textile printing 

Materiaalien pinnan käsitteleminen

  • dyeing fabric and stripping colour
  • raised, machine and hand embroidery

Materiaalien pinnan käsitteleminen

  • various surface structures
  • altering the fabric’s surface, laser cutting and laser engraving

Materiaalien pinnan käsitteleminen

You can consider whether it is best to treat the fabric’s surface before or after putting the product together. Take into account that the treatment and decorative technique used may affect the clothes’ washing and care properties. Choose the care instructions for the new product based on the material that is the most difficult to take care of.