Task bank

The task bank includes a variety of tasks that inspire interest in the circular economy or deepen what has already been learned. The same task can be used for students at different levels and stages of their studies, as long as the task’s implementation and evaluation is adjusted according to the students’ skill level.
  • The tasks in the ‘Why circular economy?’ section are well-suited as orientation tasks. The tasks open up the circular economy ideology and inspire interest in the circular economy of textiles. 
  • The tasks in the ‘Materials in circulation’ section focus on materials and their lifecycle. 
  • The tasks in the ‘Development and commercialisation of products’ section highlight the significance of the research phase that kicks off product design and encourage designers to pursue zero-waste design.
  • The tasks in the ‘Making a circular economy product’ section are intended for deepening learning, and they can also be used as skill demonstrations when applied.

The orientation tasks are suitable for use in general and vocational subjects in upper secondary education as well as basic education and liberal adult education. The advanced tasks are primarily intended for the following part of the Vocational Upper Secondary Qualification in Textiles and Fashion: Making a circular economy product, 15 credits (cr). The tasks include instructions for the teacher at the start of each task.