The lifecycle of an item of clothing

For the teacher 

This task involves assessing the condition of an item of clothing as well as how much it would cost to repair it and if doing so is worthwhile. The students identify opportunities to sell or donate clothing. They look into what can be done with products that are unfit for use. 

The lifecycle of an item of clothing

Find a damaged item of clothing in your wardrobe. Repair the item by yourself or take it to a seamstress to be repaired. Look for the contact details of companies that offer clothing repair services in your area. Look into the activities of one company: what type of repair work does it offer and how much does the service that you need for your product cost. 

Look for a clean and intact item of clothing in your wardrobe that you do not wear. Sell it at a second-hand shop, give it to a friend or donate it to charity. Look up the contact details of second-hand shops and charities in your area. How do the charities in your area operate, what type of materials do they accept and what do they do with their profits? 

Find an item of clothing/pair of shoes that cannot be repaired and find out where you can take damaged or unusable clothing and other textiles in your area. Are there recycling points for these products so that they can be used in further processing, energy recovery or for other purposes, such as textile crushing for further processing?